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Whitney – {Sada Lewis Photography | Headshots}

I couldn’t be more excited to share these photos! Meet my friend Whitney…she is my oldest friend (as in I have known her all my life) and well, you are about to see our love hate relationship. Love her to death but the whole time I was saying to her – I hate you! Your eyes are soooo amazing! I hate you! You are soooo good at that half mysterious smile! I hate you! Your pixie hair cut is soooo awesome!!  :)She’s beautiful and she is the only person I know that can pull off any hair color, any hair cut, any makeup, and any outfit. Impressive, eh? Mostly I am thankful that we got to hang out and just walk around and snap some photos! Here are my favorites  :)

This might be my favorite photo. Ever.

Amber Brennan - Umm you forgot, I hate u because your skin is flawless! Sada your pictures are amazing and Whitney looks absolutely beautiful

jody nebesnik - Wow what a surprise to see these photos today! Stunning photos. Yes, Whitney you make it look easy :)

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