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Lewis Family Update

Ummm, where did the last month go?! Well, we Lewis…Lewi (plural?) sure like to keep busy! We’ve been doing some major house updates, changing jobs, adding to the family, ya know…the usual. If you want to keep up with our house and family, you can always take a gander over on my personal blog – Casa de Lewis! For now, check out a few new pics with the newest member of the family!! Introducing, Milo Beans Lewis  :)

We “adopted” him after he was dropped off at Reagan’s work. He is a GREAT dog. We love him! And, of course, this meant we needed some new family photos! Time to whip out the good ol’ tripod! It’s not an easy task, but luckily Milo and Reagan are such troopers!

Love this last photo that Reagan snagged…is he getting really good or am I just a good teacher? Ok, both  :)

I have a super exciting announcement coming soooooon! I can hardly stand keeping it a secret any longer!

Kaylinn - That last photo is awesome! I wish I had a pic of me and my dog like that :-) How the heck did Reagan get Milo to look at the camera?! Milo is a little pro!

Mom - I agree with Kaylinn. That is really a fabulous picture! But I also really like the one just before that and the one before that!

Jody - OMG! Your dog is so stinking cute!!! :)

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