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I’m Pregnant!

Many of you have probably already heard, but since I haven’t officially announced it here, I figured it was about time! I’m pregnant! I’ll be 21 weeks on Tuesday so just a little over half way! Reagan and I are getting really excited as things are becoming more “real” every day. I’m feeling great and the baby, whose name has transformed from Baby Loo to B. Loo to Babalou, gave us our first show of flips of turns and jumps the other night. It was really exciting to finally feel and see the baby bouncing around in my stomach! I’m documenting everything in more detail on my personal blog here, but here are a few pics we snapped the other night…

I’m due November 20th so you know what that means…you better schedule your fall/holiday session early!! I am already scheduling sessions in September!
And thank you for all the love and support! I have already learned so much from my clients who are moms!!  :)

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