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Cute Family of 3 – {San Antonio, TX Family Photographer}

I only had time to do one session in Albuquerque, but I am SO glad we were able to fit this in! I’ve known Sheena…forever! In elementary school we were pretty much attached at the hip. We went to school together all through high school and I can’t believe that I just had the opportunity to photographer HER kid!! I thought we were still kids! I was so delighted to capture this cute family, reconnect with Sheena, and meet her fiance!! Be warned…I have 10 million favorites!

Cute little Brayden! He is only 5 months old and is still working on sitting up on his own, but he loves it when Mom and Dad help him to stand! He has quads of steel!

Poor little Brayden was worn out after this! Luckily Grandpa Pete was there to cuddle with him while I stole Tim and Sheena for a few more photos! A gorgeous engaged couple…I mean what did you expect from me?! I could’ve taken photos all morning!

Sheena, those eyes! Those babies aren’t photoshopped or anything! Gorgy!  :)

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